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Hello You,

my name is Hanna Schuberth.
I was born on the 21st of February 2000 here in Varanasi.

Even if I am only 13 months old I can do a lot of things, so my parents are busy watching and catching me. On my 10th month birthday I started walking and from that day onwards I discovered that there a lot of things to explore and that I don`t need a parent anymore to carry me around. By now I run really fast, and I use every possibility to snatch out.

Sometimes I will stretch my little arms out that you will take me up. But to be honest I just want to be lifted up, because I have discovered a pen in your pocket our something more exciting which I can only reach if I am on your arm. But not always sometimes I just want to be kuddeled and carried around, then I will sing and will come very close with one hand in your hair.

My first birthday was very special, my grandpa and Dunjy from Germany came to visit me and to celebrate with me. And all my Kerala brothers were around. From my Kerala brothers I got this beautiful dress in which I was looking like a real princess.

I just moved into a new house with a little garden around, thats why I am taking all my baths now out in the blue, thats real fun.

If you like to know more about me you are more than welcome to write a mail to me : peter_heike_schuberth@yahoo.com

Please visit my first birthday page!

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